My path in learning about the financial markets started in 2015 when I was introduced to the world of Forex trading. After exhibiting mastery of both analytical and clear, concise, explanatory content writing skills, I’ve started working as a Junior Analyst at Forex Academy, an e-learning platform for retail traders.

Extensive research on fundamentals of currency creation and central banking, the driving forces behind currency’s value for the purpose of making the right bets, led me to the realization of how fraudulent the banking system truly is and ultimately to its solution – Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Being a Sociologist by vocation with a primary objective to better the world and a trader by profession with an interest to make money I was fully engaged into the space and I departed from the Forex market.

I’ve met great people from the community among which I’ve learned and grown both personally and professionally so this website is my modest contribution as I want to bring clarity and ease in this highly emotional and volatile market overwhelmed with information with comprehensive and unbiased analytical content, filtering out significant once with my knowledge and expertise.


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